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You can support the Project Notebook BatteryInfo if you make a donation. If you donate 5 or more you can get a contributor license. Here you will find more information about a contributor license.

Open/Close section 31. December 2016 / 01. January 2017

I wish all Notebook BatteryInfo users a happy new year. :-)


Open/Close section 24. December 2016

Today I have a small christmas present to Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar users. Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar 1.0 Beta 5 is available for download. This version is Windows 10 capable.

Users receiving a contributor license for Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar before March 2016 needs an updated license file to use this version with Windows 10. Just email the old license file to me and you will receive a modified license file.

A Windows 10 capable version of Notebook BatteryInfo Suite may be come later next year.

Open/Close section 22. December 2016

This website has a new domain. From today on you can find this website using the domain "".
The current redirecting domain "" does not work anymore, the domain service "" has been stopped without any further note. For this reason the domain "" will also do not work anymore in the future, but currently still works.

Open/Close section 31. December 2015 / 01. January 2016

I wish all Notebook BatteryInfo users a happy new year. :-)

Also a few more information about Windows 10 compatibility and Notebook BatteryInfo Suite and also Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar. The Sourcecode of both products is targeted to Visual Studio 2008. I made the decision to make the Sourcecode Visual Studio 2015 capable since I decided not using Visual Studio 2008 anymore. This takes time since the old code contains some workarounds due to a Visual Studio 2008 bug, and there were also changes in some Visual Studio I use after ~7 years in the Visual Studio evoltution. Also the Setup Script needs to be updated since I want to use NSIS 3.0 Beta 3, the old Installers were done with NSIS 2.46.

I have a Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar version that was created with Visual Studio 2015 currently running on my Windows 10 (Version 1511) Notebook as debug version. Currently I hope I'm able to publish a new version of Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar very soon. After this new version is out, I start with the update of the Notebook BatteryInfo Suite Sourcecode.

Open/Close section 26. January 2015

Notebook BatteryInfo Suite 1.4 Beta 7 and also Notebook BatteryInfo SmartBar 1.0 Beta 4 is available for download. Both versions includes a few bugfixes. Notebook BatteryInfo Smartbar also has a few small enhancements.

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Open/Close section 31. December 2014 / 01. January 2015

I wish all Notebook BatteryInfo users a happy new year. :-)


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